Turnkey product

Patented solutions for water and wastewater treatment worldwide for decades.

Long lifetime and
operational reliability

The operational reliability and long lifetime of scraper systems
are at the very top of the industry.

Investment that
reduces lifetime costs

With durable Finnchain products, operational reliability and long product lifetime create cost savings in investments.

Strong expertise in environmental technology

Finnchain Oy signifies a strong capability in the chain field, for the special support of environmental technology applications. Our main products are chain scraper systems used for waste water- and water treatment processes.

Our whole operation, from the design of the product to its service free practice is reflective of our strict way in realising our clients’ hopes and requirements professionally, reliably, persistently and broadly.

We offer reliable, low-maintenance system, comprising of the latest technology in the field.

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Innovative and experienced

New and innovative solutions for chain systems since 1984.

Fully economical

The product’s long life time and low operating and maintenance costs stand for profitable investments.

Environmentally friendly

Durable and long term solutions signify environmental friendliness.

The operational reliability and a long lifetime of scraper systems are at the very top of the industry.

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Finnchain scraper system is excellent in performance and the simplicity of the design has convinced us during the years.”

Ryo Ishikawa, Project Manager of Swing Corporation, Japan