Finnchain Market News 6/2011

Finnchain has appointed a new partner In Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong has a superb infrastructure, which meets its population’s needs and contributes to the efficiency and growth of the economy, thus the Metropolis stands as the landmark for the mainland China and other Asian countries especially considering supply and treatment of water and waste water.

Finnchain has large installed base in HK including close by regions so the demand for all over equipment lifecycle management services has increased in recent years. In order to serve our customers even better Finnchain has established  a new partnership with Water Confidence Technologies Ltd. The company’s profile, way of work  and experience are total match for Finnchain and its customers to meet the opportunities and challenges.

The partnership between Finnchain Oy and Water Confidence Technologies Ltd has became effective on 23rd of May 2011.

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Finnchain non metallic scrapers are used in very prestigious projects in Hong Kong such as Stonecutter Island and Siu Ho Wan STW as shown photos.

About our new partner

Water Confidence Technologies Ltd is well established and recognized company within HK’s environmental companies scene. Their dedicated team has more than 16 years of experience in delivering state of art engineering solutions for their customers in HK, Macau and southern provinces of mainland China and  always  following the idea of reducing costs and migrate more value to their customers and principals.

Water and wastewater industry needs products and services that we can use with confidence. “With our people, experiences and business network, we can provide equipments, services and engineering solutions to meet client’s specification constantly at a lower cost” states Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Leung.


For additional information, please contact
Finnchain Oy
Sales Director, International markets
Mr. Antti Malmivuori
tel + 358 2 838 738 40
fax +358 2 838 738 30
E-mail antti.malmivuori(at)
  Water Confidence Technologies Ltd
Chief Marketing Officer
Mr. Clarence Leung
tel +852 2857 3980
Fax +852 3020 1887
E-mail clarence(at)