Results of the customer satisfaction survey: Reliable products, deliveries and service


According to Finnchain’s customer satisfaction survey, customers are very pleased with Finnchain’s operations. All the respondents gave an overall grade of ’good’ or ’very good’ to Finnchain.

Customers rated Finnchain’s product portfolio as ‘excellent’. They were especially pleased with the sludge scraper system for rectangular tanks and with sand separators. Customers also considered the sludge scraper system for circular tanks and the surface scum removal systems good.

They praised Finnchain for its operations, appreciating in particular its high-quality products, reliable deliveries, support services and the marketing material produced by Finnchain in order to support sales.

Operational reliability and ease of maintenance among the most important things

Finnchain’s systems are known for their reliability and ease of maintenance. All the respondents regarded these aspects as important or very important in view of their operations. They also considered quick, easy installation and long service life very important.

Tips from the survey for improving operation

In the systems which it has developed, Finnchain has paid special attention to reliability with the help of many patented special features (chain watches, adjustable pitch drive wheels etc.). The results of the survey confirm that reliability is important to the customers, so reliability will continue to be the main target in all product development efforts. Attention is also paid to developing installation and maintenance instructions and the training of retailers.