Finnchain Market News 8/2013

Continuous investments to further develop already world-class infrastructure and to improve environment sustainability by taking care of water scarcity has been one of the leading ideas and carried-out missions in natural rich State of Qatar. Finnchain sees that being part of Qatar development programs it can share its over 30 years expertise and knowledge in water and wastewater treatment with local and global experts and also gain the latest know-how in the field of advanced treatment processes.

In the recent years Finnchain has successfully enlarged its market coverage and installed base in the Gulf-region and middle-east markets where clients demand state-of-art solutions and systems to fulfill their prestigious needs. Finnchain’s heavy-duty scraper systems are already operating 24/7 successfully in Dubai, Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, Oman and Morocco.

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About our new Partner in Qatar and around middle-east

PROTEC, a Doha based company, is one of the biggest companies in the Qatari market with core business in water, waste water [&] municipal solid waste fields active in the MENA region [&] Asia. Protec’s expertise includes all areas of Water [&] Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Treatment, and electro-mechanical equipment supplies for all market segments.

PROTEC is a total solution provider delivering to our customers all disciplines of project execution: Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning [&] startup as well as complete EPIC services for all kinds of industrial, water and wastewater markets.  PROTEC strives to exceed the expectations of our clients by delivering proven sustainable solutions. PROTEC activities have grown to cover other regional markets with its own branch offices in CAIRO – BEIRUT – MUSCAT – BAGHDAD – TUNIS – ROME

For additional information, please contact:

Finnchain Oy
Sales Director, International markets
Mr. Antti Malmivuori
tel + 358 2 838 738 40
fax +358 2 838 738 30
E-mail antti.malmivuori(at)

  PROTEC Technical Services
Director, Commercial [&] Equipment
Mr. Adonis Layyous
tel + 974 44 32 79 92
fax +974 44 16 94 36
E-mail adonis.layyous(at)