Finnchain Market News 6/2014

Finnchain has appointed a new partner In Philippines

Water is the most fundamental element of life. Without it human would not have evolved. Yet, billions are forced to use polluted sources or live with a severe shortage of this basic commodity. The result has been emerging crisis that is one of the most important challenges human face today. Philippine government and its authorities have recognized this important issue and taken impressive steps to tackle the situation by new regulations with immediate effect and several sustainable environment programs and investment plans.     

In order to serve our local Philippine and international customers even better [&] faster than before Finnchain has established  a new partnership with Ameresco Commercial [&] Industrial Company. The company’s dedicated way of work and a long time experience among state of art technologies are a good match for Finnchain and its customers to meet the opportunities and challenges of the fastest growing water treatment market in Asia.

The partnership between Finnchain Oy and Ameresco has become effective on 1st of March 2014.

Partnership between Finnchain Oy and Ameresco Partnership between Finnchain Oy and Ameresco  

About our new partner

Ameresco Commercial [&] Industrial Company is well established and recognized company within Philippine’s sustainable industry scene. Ameresco’s dedicated team has more than 40 years of experience in delivering state of art engineering solutions and world class equipment for various industries such as energy, food [&] beverages and water sectors.

“We are committed to our clients, partners, company and the success of our co-workers. We are dedicated to our team and its goals, driven to go the extra mile to promote the green technology to ensure that our hard work makes a positive difference for everyone.”

Ameresco advocates profound sense of responsibility for their work as well as accountability for their actions. Hence, continuously seeking to improve skills and offering the latest technology in order to give the best not only to clients, but also to community and globe.

For additional information, please contact:
Finnchain Oy
Sales Director, International markets
Mr. Antti Malmivuori
tel + 358 2 838 738 40
fax +358 2 838 738 30
E-mail antti.malmivuori(at)
Ameresco Commercial [&] Industrial Company, INC
CEO [&] President
Mr. Antonio T. Santos
tel +63 49 508 1755
fax +63 2 584 4611
E-mail antoniotsantos(at)