Finnchain establishes new partnership with Aqua Nishihara Corporation

For the fresh beginning of 2017 Finnchain is proud to announce establishing new strategic partnership while looking for a steady long-term growth at South-East Asian markets. Exclusive distributorship has been granted to Aqua Nishihara Corporation covering marketing, sales, after sales and customer support functions on the Territory of Thailand. 

Finnchain has been successfully co-operating with Aqua Nishihara since 2011 benefiting from Thailand’s both public and private sectors development programs and financial investments made towards  sustainable environment and protection of Thailand’s very special and rare nature.  


About our new Partner

Aqua Nishihara Corporation with its headquarters and main manufacturing facilities located in Bangkok has been in environmental and especially water business since the early 90’s. Aqua’s management and personnel has always trusted on core values of responsibility, honesty, high professional ethics and full commitment on whatever has been and will be done. The company has enjoyed stabile growth through years and expanded also to nearby countries by establishing subsidiaries and sales offices. The best way to describe Aqua’s mission is: ”to find the best solutions to the problems of treating water and waste water for society’s best benefit with the most feasible scheme and plan.”

For further information, please contact:

Finnchain Oy

Mr. Antti Malmivuori
Sales Director 

tel + 358 2 838 738 40

fax +358 2 838 738 30

E-mail antti.malmivuori(at)

Aqua Nishihara Corporation Ltd.

Mr. Kosol Sunthornhirunwong

General Manager

tel +66 2 954 3341 8

fax +66 2 580 2356 7

E-mail kosol(at)