Sweden’s first Finnchain Solar Cover to Halmstad!

In the water treatment plants of the future, tanks will be covered, and their energy needs will be produced with renewable energy. This will be true in Halmstad in southern Sweden by the end of the year, as a cover with solar panels will be installed at the Laholmsbuktens VA wastewater treatment plant this autumn. At the same time, odor nuisances in the tank can be minimized and the resulting gases can also be collected.

Finnchain’s patented Solar Cover, designed for water treatment plants is an excellent solution for rectangular tanks. Its solar panels collect the energy required to run the scrapers and make their carbon footprint negative. At the same time, the disadvantages of methane gases can be reduced. These were also the reasons why Halmstad chose Finnchain Solar Cover. The project agreement was signed on 26 August. and the installation of the covers is scheduled for completion in November 2021.

“Finnchain’s solution is quite exceptional. The main requirement for the investment was the elimination of odor nuisances, but at the same time with Finnchain’s solution we were able to take a significant step in environmental friendliness and energy efficiency,” says Michael Carlsson from Laholmsbuktens VA AB.