Finnchain Oy

From the past to the present

From the past to the present

These days, we emphasise the importance of our difference in regard to other producers. The world is already full of copies. The ideas for the Finnchain system were originated by Pekka Tuomikoski, already in the 1980s. His ideas, highly valued today, were different and way ahead of time.

Ketjumyynti Oy

In 1982, Tuomikoski founded a company in the field of chains; which got the name Ketjumyynti Oy. New demands created thoughts for a fully new chain model and the development of an operation idea, plus its commercial realisation. The solutions that traditional chains could provide did not satisfy him.

The birth of the toothing pitch chain and driving wheel

Already the same year, the first chain models and driving wheel models were manufactured, which were revolutionary ingenious inventions in the chain field. The fully new chain technique of operations convinced the field specialists, as well as radical staged hydro-technology appliance deliverers.

Tuomikoski had developed a new type tooth pitch chain plus driving wheel. The technique is used in the water purification process, in sludge chain scraper systems. Already in 1984, Helsinki, Lahti and Hämeenlinna’s waste water plants, amongst others, desired to be the test targets and took advantage of the new light-structured, energy- and maintenance friendly, products. These waste water plants realized that the new system offers many benefits compared to traditional systems. User experience had to be achieved in Finlandís demanding climatic conditions over the different seasons.

Family enterprise and internationality

Already at the beginning of the 1990s, Ketjumyynti had established a leading position in the Finnish market, which opened up possibilities to the larger markets of Europe and the world. Tuomikoski chose, with his daughter Leena, to combine resources and internationalize. In 1992, a family enterprise, Finnchain Oy, was established in order to make the new technology known to the world. Domestic market operations were continued under the name ‘Ketjumyynti’.

Pekka Tuomikoski decided to continue as the company’s chairman, accompanied by his daughter Leena as managing director.

Regular participation at international fairs, increased the recognition of the company and its systems. A significant sign of Finnchain’s course into the international market has been the Psyttalia waste water purification plant in Athens, Greece. Finnchain delivered 128 sludge scraper systems to the water purification plant. As a single delivery, it has been the largest ever made in Europe. The project was realised within one year and due to the excellent performance, Finnchain’s business developed in the demanding export markets.


Aiming on continual product developments, Finnchain has set the following criteria on its products;

  • Light structured, stable, reliable and as energy-saving as possible.
  • Fulfilling the highest quality requirements of its materials.
  • Reliability, running 24/7.
  • Easy and maintenance free operation
  • Extraordinary long service life
  • Worldwide attainability and reasonable delivery times
  • Fulfilling international ISO-9001 norms
  • Professional representatives in the field
  • Economical priced, in relation to purchase price, operation, maintenance and energy consumption and last not least the extraordinary long lifetime
  • Service life
  • ROI (return on investment)

Finnchain Oy today

Today, a global system deliverer has been built around Tuomikoski’s ideas, which is well-reputed for its innovative development work in the field, ensured by lots of patents, connected to its various systems.

Finnchain Oy has expanded to a range of export operations in over 40 countries. Finnchain can proudly present references, dating back a quarter century, with good examples of the confidence that end-users have in Finnchain solutions.

The company’s strong innovative intuition in the area, clear future visions and strategic aims are a guarantor of our ability to be a reliable and cooperative partner.

On 2021 technical solutions group Addtech Ab became the new owner of Finnchain Oy. Previous owner Leena Tuomikoski continues as a managing director and board member.