Aika: Tammikuu 29.-31. 2015
Tapahtuma: BITEC Exhibition Centre
Halli/Loossi: Main Hall – Loossi J13

Finnchain järjestelmä ja tarvikkeet esitellään kumppanimme Aqua Nishihara Corporation Ltd loossissa.

Toivotamme sinut lämpimästi tervetulleeksi tutustumaan Aqua Nishiharaan [&] Finnchainiin!

Lisätietoja messuista:

Local customer service

On the international market, we operate in cooperation with local and regional partners, therefore our clients and end users receive local services. Our renowned and capable sales representatives in over 20 countries are responsible for the client relationships, installation and post-installation services within their own territory.

Finnchain ensures the quality and performance of service by training and advising both the clients and end users.

Finnchain systems already in 50 countries

Today, Finnchain is well known in the field for unique sludge scraper systems used in water treatment processes. At present, systems are in operation in over 50 countries around the world. The sludge scraper systems are tailor-made to the needs of each client and are environmentally friendly. Our local operators make sure that products correspond with the wishes and hopes of the users.

Our company has long term, worldwide renowned, cooperation partners in the construction, contracting and water purification technology field, in all market areas.