Grit collectors

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Sand separators

Finn chain’s grit collector removes the sand from the bottom of the tank to a removal channel. In the grit collector system, special solutions have been developed for the scraper flights and rails for them to endure the abrasion of sand. Grit collectors are customised according to the client’s tanks and process requirements.
Read more about where Finnchain’s sand separators have been installed:
Case Perm, Russia
Three grit collectors were installed at Perm’s sewage treatment plant in 2010. In addition, during an expansion in 2014, Finnchain collectors were installed into two of the new grit collectors. The tanks have an FC-200 fibreglass scraper flight with stainless steel coating.
AMOUNT 5 Finnchain grit collectors
LENGTH 18,6 m
WIDTH 6,1 m
SYVYYS 1,3 m
The systems’ unique technology and high-quality components guarantee reliability, functionality and a long service life. Read more about Finnchain’s technical innovations and materials here.