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Rectangular Tank — reference images

Yekaterinburg, Russia 2002

Psyttalia, Greece 2002-2004

Kotka, Finland 2008
Edar de Besos, Spain


Finnchain rectangular tank in Kuopio, Finland

Download the new video showcasing the rectangular tank, filmed in Kuopio, Finland.

Download video [mp4, SD, 40Mb]

Download video [mp4, HD, 140Mb]

Finnchain enhances quality assurance

Finnchain performs tensile testing for each scraper’s chain. All HA200-chains produced since October 2013 have gone through quality assurance. Full-scale testing of HA205-chains began in early 2015. Intensive testing deepens Finnchain’s product quality and ensures that all chains meet quality standards.

Download bulletin letter [pdf]

Download video [mp4, SD, 6Mb]

Download video [mp4, HD, 21Mb]