Patented and therefore unique

Finnchain Oy is an expert in the chain field, specialised in environmental technology applications. Our main products are chain scraper systems for wastewater and water treatment processes.

Our whole operation, from design to service reflects our strict way of realising our clients’ hopes and requirements professionally, reliably, persistently and broadly.

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Finnchain has delivered plastic chain scrapers for rectangular tanks since 1984. Read more »

Finnchain’s rake-type sludge scraper system is a new type of solution for water and sewage treatment tanks. Read more »

Finnchain Solar Covers are designed to prevent odors from the tank, and they also allow the use of renewable energy. Read more »

The advantages of Finnchain systems

Innovative and experienced

New and innovative solutions for chain systems since 1984.


The cornerstones of our operations are the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems.

Environmentally friendly

Durable and long term solutions signify environmental friendliness.

Fully economical

Low operating and maintenance costs make the product a profitable investment.


A functional and profitable partnership consists of trust and commitment towards a common goal.