Sludge scrapers for rectangular tanks


Sludge scraper systems for water and wastewater treatment plants

Finnchain’s patented sludge scraper systems can be applied to various water treatment processes. Most common applications include:
  • primary and secondary sedimentation tanks
  • grit separators
  • lamella tanks
  • stormwater tanks
  • desalination tanks
  • DAF-tanks
Finnchain systems are used in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants as well as several industrial sites, for example, in metal, paper, food and oil industries.
Internationally patented, high-quality technology
Product development is one of Finnchain’s most important tasks, as Finnchain’s several global patents prove. Unique technology ensures the reliability, functionality and long service life of the high-quality components. Read more about Finnchain’s technical innovations here
Durable and flexible solutions 
Finnchain has manufactured chain scraper systems already since 1984. Several plants, where Finnchain’s chains have been in use with their original components for over 20 years, prove the functionality of Finnchain’s patented solutions. 5,000 Finnchain systems have been installed in over 50 countries.
We provide effective solutions for demanding sites as well. Longest rectangular tanks are 100 m in length, and widest tanks are 12.6 m in width.

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We serve our clients by offering a reliable, low-maintenance system, comprising of the latest technology in the field.