Surface and Bottom Sludge Collector

Sludge scrapers for rectangular tanks


Combined surface and bottom scraper

Our most common chain scraper system efficiently removes sludge from the bottom of the tank as well as the surface. In the combined surface and bottom scraper, the scraper flights run over four sets of wheels, scraping the sludge from the tank bottom and pushing it to a sludge separator. On their way back, the scraper flights skim the surface scum and transfer it to the other side of the tank, to the scum removal channel. A separate cross collector can be installed to the sludge separator, which transfers the sludge to the removal channel. We can provide a system for a demanding site as well, for example, where tanks are particularly long or wide.
Surface and bottom scraper systems are used for both preliminary and secondary sedimentation tanks.
Patented solutions increase Finnchain systems’ reliability, service life, energy-efficiency and facilitate maintenance. The reliability, efficiency and long service life make our top-quality scraper system a rewarding investment.


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