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Registrar Finnchain Oy Koillisväylä 7 FI-26510 RAUMA Business ID: 0882695-8

Contact person for matters relating to the Register Kukka-Maaria Myllymaa Puh +358 (0)2 838 738 22 E-mail kukka-maaria.myllymaa(at)

  1. The data content of the register The register stores the person’s name, location, phone number, company/organization, job title, e-mail address, services of interest to the customer, data source, industry, model of terminal equipment used, open newsletter and clicked newsletter articles, marketing permission, exit newsletter.

  1. Information sources of the registry The person in the register is either;

  • Left his/hers contact information
  • Represents a company that is a customer or partner of Finnchain Oy, where the data source is Finnchain’s customer register.
  • by other means expressing his or her consent to the inclusion in the register.
  • A person can at any time delete their information from a newsletter register via a link in the Finnchain’s newsletter.

  1. Disclosure of information to a third party

  • Finnchain does not sell, exchange, or otherwise transfer any information that may enable it to be disclosed to third parties.
  • This does not include trusted third parties that help us maintain our site or run our business. Such parties must also keep the information confidential.
  • We believe sharing information is necessary when it comes to investigating, blocking, or otherwise dealing with illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations that may endanger the physical security of a person, violation of our Terms of Service, and other legally required situations and other news.

  1. Protection of the registry

  • The registry is protected against external use
  • The use of the register is protected by personal usernames and passwords
  • Users are bound by professional secrecy
  • Access to the Register is limited to Finnchain employees and employees of the company’s network service provider, whose tasks require processing of data in the register. Employees are bound by secrecy obligation.

5. The retention of personal data Finnchain Oy retains the registry information for 3 years.

6. Visitor rights In accordance with Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, a visitor has the right to inspect the data concerning him / her and to demand that corrections be made to the incorrect information in the register. Inspection and rectification requests must be submitted in writing and signed to the person responsible for registry matters specified in this Privacy Statement.

The registrar has the right to deny information, marketing and other possible messages that are sent to maintain customer relations. A person may at any time prohibit marketing communications by deleting their information from the system through a link in the newsletter. The information will also be removed from the marketing register.

Cookies and user data

Due to cookies and user data, we hope to develop our services according to your and other page users’ preferences.

A cookie is a small text file, which your browser saves to the computer / device while you are browsing the sites. The cookies contain information that allows identifying the device you are using. The site will be using the data when the user is browsing sites or when returning there next time.

User data analyzing The data compiled by cookies will be used to analyze website usability, traffic volumes, transactions, and to enhance security as well as improve our services. The data can also be used for targeted communication and marketing, content production in websites as well as measuring and optimizing marketing operations.

Finnchain webservices marketing partners cookies allow marketing and measuring for those marketing partner websites, who cooperate with company’s webpages, in so-called advertisement networks. We use Google Analytics.

We save the following data: IP-data, browser type, operating system, arrival- and exit pages, service provider, the date and time. The user cannot be recognized due to cookie data, if the person self doesn’t give the information, for example by writing his/her name, email, home- or work address or telephone number. The site is not able to conclude, for example, the user’s email address if it is not given by the user. The site has no access to any other data to the user’s computer.

Managing cookies Most of the browsers accept cookies as a default. The cookie can be saved to the device permanently as a stored cookie, or it can be removed after use. The user can accept cookies or block the use of browser settings. Accepting cookies is not a requirement for using the sites, but it may provide a better browsing experience. When removing or blocking cookies, the sites may not operate as expected.

We respect our user’s privacy. We are committed to appropriate and secure handling for any personal data.