Finnchain chains installed in 1996 are still in use in Tampere, Finland

Sustainable solutions are one important route to reduce greenhouse emissions. For that reason, the EU has set demands for the longevity of products and set the lowest possible environmental impact level throughout the entire life cycle of investments.

Finnchain has operated according to this value for more than 30 years and delivered thousands of solutions around the world. Our solutions are truly built to last. An example of this is a chain installed in 1996, which is still in use at the Tampere wastewater treatment plant. It has lasted nearly 30 years in continuous use. The attached picture is from this summer 2023 when the plant was audited. 

Finnchain is still working towards the same goal. Investments to high-quality solutions save on industrial production, logistics and installation, aand at the same time keep the process in constant, smooth production without extra maintenance needs or repair investments.